Coppermine Dev Team welcomes you to this blog. For those who have absolutely no idea what Coppermine is, here is an excerpt from our home page.

Coppermine is a multi-purpose fully-featured and integrated web picture gallery script written in PHP using GD or ImageMagick as image library with a MySQL backend.

Coppermine is free software which you can download and install on your webspace.

Coppermine (cpg) was originally created by Gregory Demar and the current team took over the development in the year 2003. We are a bunch of volunteers spread across the globe determined to make cpg a better experience for users.

The authors of this blog will be all members of cpg development team which includes managers, core developers and supporters. As the team members are from different cultures you will find different styles of writing which i hope you all will enjoy.

We started this blog to put forward our experience, knowledge and views on technology, programming and opensource. This blog will highlight coppermine project, its development and features. But hold on, this blog will not be entirely about coppermine and will have topics including php, other opensource applications, world wide web, anything related to technology and sometimes developers and their life.

Now pardon me for changing my tone but i would like to make one thing very very clear – this blog is not meant for coppermine support. There is a better place for getting support and that is our forum. So don’t be a moron by putting support issues in comments. However general comments on blog posts are more than welcome.

I hope everyone will enjoy our writings.

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  • Hey guys,

    Congratulations for your new blog. Hope we will see some great posts from the dev team.

  • Congratulations, that is good news! :)

  • Coppermine: So far the best photo gallery software I used.

    I tried other photo gallery software, but I find that Coppermine is the most complete and flexible out now.
    With Coppermine you can:
    Easily change the look-feel by selecting one of the templates that come shipped with the software.
    Easily change customization settings from the admin interface with few clicks.
    Show your images in a filmstrip presentation that looks like PowerPoint.
    Upload images one by one or in a bunch (for big amount of images, the FTP solution is better and faster).
    Upload images via FTP and add them in bulk to any album you created (one needs to have a little knowledge on how to use a FTP software).
    Coppermine can use both ImageMagick and GD to manipulate images and create thumbnails.
    My website is hosted on GoDaddy, so according to their help page ImageMagick is at least installed on all GoDaddy servers that run Linux.
    Coppermine comes shipped with the latest version of GD.
    The documentation on Coppermine website is extensive and really explains how to use and customize your gallery at your wish.
    But most of all, Coppermine is very easy to use.
    This is my experience with Coppermine, I like this and here I am to share it with whoever is interested to.

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