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Continuing the series to highlight the new exciting features of cpg15x, today lets take a look at all new upload interface. The new interface uses the popular open source tool SwfUpload which uses flash to upload files. The great thing about this tool is that it shows file upload progress bar. Whats better than a demo itself, so here you go…

Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player.

As you can see multiple files can be selected and uploaded in one single go. After uploading the user is taken to editpics page where s/he can enter the file details like title, description and keywords. The only gotcha with this new interface is that it requires flash and javascript but in todays time if your browser don’t have those two things then you are still living in 20th century ;).

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  • Cool!

    Just one thing: from the small video it’s hard to see, but maybe you should play with the layout a little more so it gets more appealing. I mean it’s already intuitive, just the alignment bothers me somehow…

  • Hooray !! Cant wait!

  • The new upload system rocks. I just hope that it remains compatible in future. Some CMS systems are using Flash based uploaders and they are having trouble with various versions of Flash. Infact, the latest release of Joomla will not work with the latest version of Flash.

    If this works, it will be fantastic.

  • @Phill: Lets keep our fingers crossed ;). Btw: the normal upload is still there as a fallback mechanism.

  • this gallery is almost perfect without the progress bar… with it: PERFECT!! but from where can i download 1.5.x?

  • You cannot download cpg15x as it has not been released yet. If you want to check it out anyways then get it from subversion repository. No support for cpg15x.

  • Coool, cooool cooool!
    Great work!

    Just a suggestion: add also in the same page a place to create a new album.

    I mean: upload file to a hole new album in the same page. So will be just a few clics and not goint to “Album” and creating a new album and then going to upload.

    Great work!

  • Thanks pepemosca. cpg1.5 has reached feature freeze stage and no new features can be added at this point of time. Your suggestion sounds fine and can be considered for next major release.

    You can ask for a feature request on the official support board

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