Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-31

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  • @SciFiZone Integrate Coppermine with mybb in reply to SciFiZone #
  • Yes – @SciFiZone: @cpg_team is it possible to intergrate with mybb? #
  • @zombiesatemypie: @davidtothemoon / Do you know how to install coppermine?
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  • @caittjonas Coppermine documentation is the best place to know how it works – in reply to caittjonas #
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    4 Responses to “Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-31”

    • I meant to get over here and Thank you people for not taking offense with the reminder to follow people. Not that you have to follow everyone but following a few shows you have a little interest in people. LOL! With a large group you will be working off of mentions for the most part anyway.

      I set up the coppermine gallery for my teenage daughter she has been on vacation for a month and will be back to load some more images. She does some pretty good stuff, considering that she only used a mouse and

      Thanks for the great work on coppermine
      Brad West ~ onomoney

    • Brad, Its perfectly ok for you to remind us.

      Glad to know that your daughter is using coppermine with ease.

    • I too think you should keep up with following people, twitter is the 2nd place I look after Googling something now, but for breaking news twitter is still waaay faster.

      Keep up the awesome work on Coppermine, I am slowly preparing all my site’s images to move them out of WP and into CPG.

    • Keep up the awesome work on Coppermine, I am slowly preparing all my site’s images to move them out of WP and into CPG.

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